As Bob Dylan didn’t quite once say, “The tides, they are a-changin’!”  This meeting’s theme Swimming on a Changing Tide, reflects the many changes afoot in our nation and the world, from rising tides that flood Miami to the “changing of the guard” as new researchers and conservationists take us in new directionsReflecting these changes, and reminding us all to “keep on swimming!” the program will feature special Sessions on the Changing Climate, on Sustainable Beaches, and on Science that Supports Conservation and RecoveryWe will also showcase our younger investigators in a Special Session of Selected Student Abstracts. Workshops include: Current Issues and Recent Developments in Sea Turtle Health and Rehabilitation; for trainees or those interested in a mid-career change, a workshop on Careers with Sea Turtles: Living your Passion; Organizing Volunteers; and Effective Political Advocacy Work. Other general sessions topics include: Foraging and Developmental Habitats, Nesting Beaches and Hatchling Production, Toxicology and Pollution Impacts, and Behavior and Ecology.

Our opening keynote address will be presented by David Helvarg, Executive Director of Blue Frontier, an ocean conservation and policy organization (https://bluefront.org/about-us/).  David is a terrific speaker and a passionate advocate for ocean conservation, as well the author of six books.  We are excited to have him share his experiences with “seaweed” (marine grassroots) organizations.  David and representatives from the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League will also be hosting the workshop on Effective Political Advocacy Work.

As part of our commitment to public outreach and education, we will be presenting a workshop exclusively for the public called Turtle Ambassadors: How Citizens Can Aid in Sea Turtle Conservation, as well as inviting Myrtle Beach residents to come see the poster presentations, and then stay for a Valentine’s Day popcorn and movie night!

We look forward to seeing everyone in Myrtle Beach.  It will be Valentine’s Day – come share your love for sea turtles!

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Sarah Milton
President, SERSTN

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